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Category: Electronics Engineering
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 Advanced Control Systems Book Detail
Advanced Control Systems
Control Systems

ISBN: 9788190738606
Size: 20 x 30/8
Pages: 375 Approx
Edition: 4th Edition:2013
Reprint: 2014
Price: RS. 250   Discount = 20%  Off

Final Price: Rs. 200

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Contents Of Book:

Part-A: Digital Control Engineering
• Sampling and Signal Conversion
• The z-Transform
• Transfer Function, Block Diagrams
   and Signal Flow Graphs
• Transform Design of Digital Controls
• State Space Analysis of Sampled Data Systems
• Design of Digital Controls Using State Space Analysis
• Mechanization of Control Algorithms
Part-B: Optimal Control
• Optimal Control
• Optimal Feedback Control
• Stochastic Optimal Linear Estimation and Control
• Microprocessor Control and Single
  Board Controller
• Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Control
Part-C: Non-Linear System Analysis
• Second Order System and Phase Plane
• Describing Function Analysis
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